Powerful Role of Ketone Fats in Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Treatment

Powerful Role of Ketone Fats in Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Treatment
By Team Perlmutter
Category: Brain Health

Brain cells function with far greater efficiency when they are utilizing fat (ketones) as a fuel source as opposed to sugar. The exciting news is that scientists are now taking advantage of this finding in the actual treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, as you can see in this recent research publication.

This research clearly substantiates the health benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet as a powerful lifestyle change to achieve the goal of brain health and functionality. While there actually exists a pharmaceutical “medical food” based on the science explained in this report, you can boost the availability of ketones for your brain by simply adding coconut oil or MCT oil to your daily regimen. But to make this effective, carb restriction is a must!

Alzheimer’s now affects some 5.4 million Americans. It is my belief that this dietary approach may well go a long way in keeping the brain healthy and allowing us to remain free of this dreaded condition.

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