Are Eggs Good or Bad For You?

Are Eggs Good or Bad For You?
By Team Perlmutter
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I really love eggs. Yes, I’ve called them a “perfect food” many times in the past, and fortunately the evolving data continues to support this view.

These days, there is so much focus on the state of our metabolic health, and with good reason. Metabolic health includes things like body weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, lipid profiles, and other metrics. Keeping these metabolic markers optimized is central to reducing risk for things like coronary heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and many other chronic degenerative conditions.

Eggs offer up advantages related to our metabolic health as you will read in the following post provided to us by my friends at Levels. Further, eggs are on THE LUV DIET, meaning they don’t threaten uric acid levels. Good to know since elevated uric acid is a powerful contributor to metabolic mayhem.

An excerpt from the article below, but click here to read the entire thing:

For every bit of research suggesting chicken eggs are bad for your health, another study suggests the opposite. For example, eggs have historically been demonized for their cholesterol content, and while they do contain significant amounts, we now know that isn’t inherently bad. Quality and context are everything. 

Eggs are a complex food, with dozens of components and nutrients that can change depending on how they are prepared, where the hen was raised and what she was fed. And context matters beyond the egg itself: Research shows that what you eat with eggs (e.g., bacon, toast) has more influence on your overall health than your daily egg consumption.

So while we can’t tell you whether or not to eat eggs, we can tell you they are not inherently a health-damaging food. Eggs, like all foods, deliver information to the body, much of which helps it carry out essential processes. It’s important to know what information they provide, how your body can use it, and how it fits your overall nutritional approach. 

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