Parkinson’s – Focus On Prevention

Parkinson’s Disease affects as many as one million Americans with around 60,000 new cases being diagnosed each year. Worldwide, more than 10 million people have been diagnosed with this debilitating and progressive disease. It is estimated that the direct and indirect monetary costs for dealing with Parkinson’s in America are estimated to be around $25 billion each year.

In general, the approach that is taken in most neurology practices in dealing with Parkinson’s is to simply treat the symptoms of the disease. Not this this is necessarily inappropriate – it’s obviously helpful to use medications that allow people to regain functionality. But there is hardly any discussion of the notion of preventive medicine as it relates to this disease.

That said, we really do need to recognize that our most well-respected medical journals are revealing that things like pesticide exposure have a profound role to play in increasing a person’s risk for Parkinson’s. Please take a look at this report and recognize that information like this really makes it clear that our lifestyle choices do indeed play an important role in choosing your brain’s destiny

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