Cholesterol: Setting the Record Straight

Like one of the most common sources of this protein in the human diet (eggs), the science on cholesterol changes by the week. Think about it, how many times have you heard doctors, nutritionists, scientists, journalists, or just about anyone, say that cholesterol is bad (or good) for you, and then change their mind? In putting together Grain Brain, the science that I found painted a very clear picture of the true nature of cholesterol. The fact is: cholesterol isn’t the harbinger of nutritional doom that many would have you believe. In fact, study after study has linked cholesterol to improved attention/concentration, learning, memory and abstract reasoning. With this in mind, I’m a strong proponent of eating a diet that isn’t meant to minimize cholesterol levels in the body. Further, avoid the dangerous statins drugs. I’ll dedicate another post to that, but taking statin drugs could be one of the worst things we can do to our bodies. Instead, focus on maintaing a healthy level of cholesterol in your body. Go ahead, add a third (or even fourth!) egg to that Western Omelette you’re making.

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