Dairy: Dangerous or Delightful?

Dairy: Dangerous or Delightful?
By Team Perlmutter
Category: Food

I’ve seen a lot of chatter here about the role of dairy in a Grain Brain lifestyle. Is it okay? How much can we have? What about Product X?

Certainly, there is a role for dairy in the Grain Brain diet. However, that said, it is not a dairy-heavy lifestyle. Want a splash of whole milk or cream in your coffee? Go for it! A piece of organic goat cheese? That’s a-okay as well. Dairy can be enjoyed in moderation.

What you want to avoid is low-fat and skim milk/dairy products. The reason for this is that, obviously, low-fat milk has less fat in it, and more lactose sugar. It should come as no surprise to learn that that sugar is a dangerous carbohydrate, now entering the body instead of healthier fats.

So, enjoy your dairy, but keep it fatty, and look for organic whenever possible.

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