Questionable Foods

Questionable Foods
By Team Perlmutter
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Since the release of Grain Brain a few months ago, I’ve seen a number of question come in about whether or not certain foods are permissible on the Grain Brain diet, below is a list of some of those most common ones, as well as information on how permissible these are in a diet geared to boost brain health:

  • Einkorn wheat, Ezekiel bread, and similar products: Visit the FAQ section of my site
  • Rice: Along with some other non-gluten grains, rice can be consumed in strict moderation. The list of non-gluten foods on this site is a helpful resource in this case.
  • Fruit: Overall, fruit plays in an important role in a well-rounded diet that is geared towards brain and body health. However, because of the sugar content, you should always be wary of the fruits you’re putting into your body. If you’re going for fruit, trying grabbing a handful of berries, or similar low-sugar fruit.
  • Bacon: Generally, I am not a fan of bacon.

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