Stay Away From Soy

Stay Away From Soy
By Team Perlmutter
Category: Food

I generally advise against eating soy, and here’s why.

First, almost all the soy available these days is genetically modified. I feel quite strongly that GMO produced foods represent a significant health risk for humans (and animals for that matter.). This is food that could have been treated with dangerous pesticides such as Roundup, the harsh effects of which were recently documented in the media. Eating GMO food, or potentially GMO food, it’s an unnecessary way to introduce toxins into our bodies.

Second, soy is a legume. Soy is thus high in Phytic Acid. Phytic acid tends to bind minerals and remove them from the body, which may lead to mineral deficiencies. In the process of adding what you think is actually a health-beneficial item to your diet, you are, in fact, removing essential nutrients and minerals from it instead.

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