The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, M.D., and Max Lugavere

Clearly, one of the most important goals of the conversations we try to spark here is empowerment. This empowerment is especially valuable as it relates to brain health.

I’m certain that many of you not only watched my previous interview with Max Lugavere, but also read his important book, Genius Foods.

Max now has a new book, The Genius Life, that looks not only at food, but at a variety of other important lifestyle factors that very much add to our level of empowerment with the goal of keeping our brains healthy.

Max, for reasons that you will see in this interview, is one of my favorite citizen scientists. His pursuit of the underlying causes and potential ways of reducing risk for brain degeneration is born out of his personal experience with his mother’s neurodegenerative condition.

While this makes his story poignant, it’s so important to recognize what Max has done with this experience in order to offer empowerment to all who will listen. I think this interview will give you a number of tools, and a lot of information, you can use to achieve this objective.


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