The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD and Petteri Lahtela

Last February, my wife and I were attending a health-related symposium and noted that many of the speakers were wearing an OURA ring. We learned that the OURA ring was one of the latest entries in the field of wearable technology. What was most intriguing for us was how many of our friends described the insights they were gaining in terms of the length and quality of their sleep. So we decided to buy a couple of these and learn, firsthand, what all the excitement was about. Our level of understanding of not only our day-to-day activities, but, perhaps more importantly, the characteristics of our sleep experience, was not only revealing but powerfully empowering.

Understanding the influence of our day-to-day lifestyle choices on the quality of our sleep is of incalculable value. Restorative sleep remains significantly under-recognized in our modern society and yet, holds an important key to remaining healthy (something we’ll be discussing more about in Brain Wash).

Because of my experience with OURA ring, I decided to reach out to the Co-founder, President and Chief Innovation Officer of the company, Petteri Lahtela, to learn more about how this product was developed, what kind of results they are seeing today, and what the future holds as it relates to this technology.

I am certain you will enjoy this interview.


(And for more on the power of sleep, visit our sleep Focus page).

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