The Alarming Rise in Parkinson’s Disease: w/ Dr. Ray Dorsey

Welcome one and all to another enlightening episode of The Empowering Neurologist. Joining us is Dr. Ray Dorsey, Professor of Neurology at the University of Rochester, a stalwart advocate for Parkinson’s disease, and a renowned researcher in the field. With a profound belief in the power of awareness and knowledge, Dr. Dorsey dedicates his life to a cause that is impacting millions globally. He stands at the forefront of the fight against Parkinson’s disease, a fight that is becoming increasingly critical as we see a staggering rise in the incidence of this condition.

Dr. Dorsey is not just an accomplished physician but also an engaging author. His groundbreaking book, Ending Parkinson’s Disease, is a critical exploration that sheds light on this global health crisis. It offers an enlightening perspective on Parkinson’s disease and, so importantly as we discuss in this episode, its modifiable risk factors, raising consciousness and hope about this life-altering condition.

His book is an earnest appeal to policymakers, researchers, physicians, and the general public to recognize the escalating crisis and join the battle to end Parkinson’s. It also serves as a testament to his belief in our collective ability to mitigate this crisis, beginning with understanding the risk factors that we can change.

We delve into the comprehensive world of Ending Parkinson’s Disease, discuss the modifiable risk factors, and explore ways to curb the skyrocketing incidences of Parkinson’s. It is our shared responsibility, and understanding is the first step.

So, please enjoy this fascinating interview.

Dr. Dorsey is the co-uthor of the book Ending Parkinson’s Disease – A Prescription for Action available at retailers everywhere. The authors are all devoting their proceeds to efforts to prevent and end Parkinson’s. If you cannot afford a copy, they will send you one for free. You can just email them at info@endingPD.org with your preferred mailing address. They are also happy to hear their stories or field questions that you may have.

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