A Closer Look At Immune Health & Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat w/ Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Without question, a pivotal player in our health is the adequate and balanced functioning of the immune system. No matter what disease state you can consider, the immune system is playing an important role.

We now recognize that our metabolic health is hugely influential in determining the functionality of our immune system. As such, we know that our lifestyles influence metabolic health and therefore, with this understanding, we can influence immune function by paying attention to these decisions we make each day that are so influential as it relates to human metabolism.

On today’s program, we are going to explore the concept of immune modulation and the relationship between immunity and metabolic health. We are also going to take a deep dive into new some very exciting discoveries as it relates to ancient foods that powerfully influence immune function including Himalayan tartary buckwheat, a modern day superfood that’s getting a lot of attention.

There couldn’t be anyone better to walk us through this exciting new science than my longtime friend, Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

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