Alzheimer’s – The Science of Prevention, 2020 Air Dates!

Alzheimer’s – The Science of Prevention, 2020 Air Dates!
By Team Perlmutter
Category: Alzheimer’s and Dementia

My team and I are overjoyed to share some exciting news with you. We had such a fantastic response to the groundbreaking series Alzheimer’s – The Science of Prevention last year that we will be airing the series again from September 9 – 20, 2020!

Make sure to mark your calendars!

Over the years, my message of prevention has challenged many of the beliefs held by the conventional medical system. I’ve done my best to call attention to what our best science is telling us about the causes and risk factors for some of our most feared diseases.

More specifically, I’ve tried to spark mainstream discussions about our everyday lifestyle choices as they relate to our brain’s health destiny.

These conversations on how to prevent disease must continue, especially now that brain disorders and almost all chronic health conditions are exploding in number all throughout the United States.

With this in mind, my team and I wanted to create a new, powerful tool to bring this empowering science to the world. And now, I am overjoyed to invite you to watch our documentary series, Alzheimer’s – The Science of Prevention.

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