The Anti-Alzheimer’s Trio

The Anti-Alzheimer’s Trio
By Team Perlmutter
Category: Brain Health

During an appearance on the Dr. Oz show two ago, I was asked to highlight what I would consider to be the three items we should all be working into our diets more frequently to help support better brain health. Not knowing how popular it would later become, I outlined my “Anti-Alzheimer’s Trio,”  three foods high in “brain-healthy” fat including:

  • Grass-fed beef
  • Avocados
  • Coconut Oil

These items are all low in carbs and high in fat, helping to reduce some of that brain-bullying inflammation the root cause of so many ailments. Specifically, coconut oil is known as a rich source of beta-HBA, is one of our brain’s “superfuels.”

You may want to know why I highlight grass-fed beef instead of all beef, and the reason is simple: cows that are fed grains instead of grass have meat that becomes higher in inflammation producing omega-6 fats than their grass-fed counterparts. In addition, the corn and grain fed to cattle is overwhelmingly genetically modified, and this introduces worrisome proteins into non grass fed meat. It may sometimes be a bit more expensive, but it’s smarter to buy grass-fed when you can. Also, keep in mind that a vegetarian diet is perfectly consistent with our program. There is absolutely no requirement to eat any animal products whatsoever. What matters most is to be sure your food choices are low in carbohydrate and supply plenty of brain-healthy, heart-healthy fat.

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