Billions wasted on fraudulent Alzheimer’s research

Fundamental to the practice of medicine is to base our decision making on sound scientific research. As such, it is beyond challenging to me, for so many reasons, that one of the most foundational research studies related to Alzheimer’s disease, published back in 2006, has now been revealed to be fraudulent.

This study, reviewed in this podcast, served to support the subsequent research that supported the so called “amyloid hypothesis.” This is basically the idea that accumulation of beta amyloid in the brain is the “cause” of Alzheimer’s disease. It isn’t. And yet, billions of dollars were spent, and continue to be spent in an attempt to create drugs to reduce amyloid in the brain, or prevent its formation, again, based on this fraudulent research.

Alzheimer’s is preventable, and we conclude the podcast looking at a new study that reveals some important information about the role of diet in terms of Alzheimer’s risk reduction.

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