Your Brain on Art: The Science of Creativity and Neurological Health – w/Ivy Ross & Susan Magsamen

One area that we spend a lot of time exploring focuses on the role of lifestyle choices as they relate to brain, health, functionality, and resistance to disease. I have to admit, over the years I have perhaps somewhat neglected a very important tool that offers up incredible utility as a relates to doing good things for the brain, and that is art.

With that in mind, I felt it would be a great idea to interview the authors of an exciting new book that explores this very topic entitled, Your Brain on Art by Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross.

Your Brain on Art explores the vital role of arts in our lives, beyond mere entertainment. The book reveals a cultural evolution where arts emerge as powerful, accessible solutions for overall well-being. The authors present robust research highlighting the health benefits of art engagement. They illustrate how just 45 minutes of an art activity can significantly reduce stress hormones regardless of skill level, and regular artistic engagement could potentially extend life expectancy by a decade.

The book delves into how music fosters cognitive abilities, the therapeutic effects of sound vibrations, the innovative use of virtual reality in therapy, and how interactive art experiences enhance memory and sensory engagement. It also discusses how art is being integrated into medical prescriptions for various health issues like loneliness and dementia.

Your Brain on Art serves as a gateway to understanding the intersection of arts, aesthetics, and wellness. It includes discussions with renowned figures like David Byrne, Renée Fleming, and E. O. Wilson, offering a comprehensive view of neuroaesthetics. This guide combines cutting-edge research, multidisciplinary expert insights, and inspirational stories, showcasing how arts significantly improve life quality.

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