#BrainWash2021 Challenge News Sources

#BrainWash2021 Challenge News Sources

Week 2 of our #BrainWash2021 Challenge focuses on the importance of empathy—why we need it, how we can build it, and how to practice it. Empathy, as you may recall, is a critically important part of our Brain Wash program for reversing disconnection syndrome, and we’ve already equipped you with some tools you can use to begin to flex your empathy power.

But this Challenge asks us to go farther.

One way we can do so, which has the added benefit of decreasing negative inputs in our day, is by shifting our news consumption. Now, we by no means want to suggest you should be aloof or ignorant of your local politics. It’s important to know what’s going on in your neighborhood and country. But at a certain point your cup will be full, and rather than filling your cup with content that may trigger stress or anxiety, perhaps spend a few minutes a day consuming news that adds positivity into your day.

Consider visiting some of the below Brain Wash-approved sites for expanding your news consumption and see how it shifts your perspective each day. Let us know on social using #BrainWash2021!

  1. Visit Live Science for some good news from the animal kingdom (and try not to smile).
  2. Good News from Finland.
  3. The UK newspaper The Telegraph brings us a bit of good news.
  4. Also from the UK, the BBC’s Inspiring Stories.
  5. Good News Stories from The Times of India.
  6. Sunny Skyz brings us good news stories from around the world!
  7. Positive.News offers us exactly what it sounds like.
  8. Reader’s Digest has a running list of good news stories from around the world.
  9. Some good news videos and updates from TODAY.
  10. The Good News Network has all the good news you could want to read!

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