Carb Cravings Control

Carb Cravings Control
By Team Perlmutter
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One of the things that I remain most impressed by is the way this community has banded together, both here and on my Facebook page. I’m amazed at how supportive everyone is, and the valuable discussion that takes place. That’s why I wanted to use this blog post to pose a question to all of you: how do you handle your carb cravings?

Last week, I mentioned that gluten and sugar can act much like a drug, leaving those going off gluten, grains and sugar going through a period of “withdrawal.” I’ve seen a number of comments come in from folks looking for advice on how to deal with this period and prevent a slip-up. Better than answering this myself, I thought this was the perfect question to pose to all of you, as many of you may have just gone through this phase yourself. How did you handle the cravings? What did you do to overcome them? Is there a snack, an exercise or a mantra? Share your tips and tricks with others. I’m interested to see what everyone has to say!

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