Cholesterol: Important for Brain Health

For decades, we’ve seen science and the media tarnish the reputation of cholesterol. We’ve been educated (and re-educated) on eggs, LDL, HDL, and a wealth of other buzzwords that pertain to cholesterol, all the while being told that if we keep our cholesterol levels low, our bodies will stay in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, that’s just not true.

In Grain Brain, I talk extensively about cholesterol, and attempt to dispel many of the mistruths that have been circulated about this compound. In fact, cholesterol plays an important role in our body, serving as an antioxidant and the precursor to Vitamin D production, among other roles. Those high-cholesterol foods we’ve been told to avoid? You may want to reconsider them.

In fact, multiple longevity studies (available here on my website) have found that older individuals with higher levels of cholesterol frequently outlive their peers, and are at a lower risk for developing Alzheimer’s. This is certainly in conflict with that mainstream science has been telling us for some time.

While on the topic of cholesterol, I also want to point you to two articles I have written about statins, a topic I frequently receive questions about. All of my articles are available on my website, but here are the links to those two:

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