Coconut Oil – Yes, A Healthy Choice

Coconut Oil – Yes, A Healthy Choice
By Team Perlmutter
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It’s clear that we have come full circle in our understanding of the role of dietary fat in human nutrition. For the past two decades, fat has been demonized and Western cultures were directed to an incredibly unhealthy approach to nutrition that favored carbohydrate rich foods while deleting healthful fats. This experiment, exposing humans to a diet unlike anything we have consumed for the past 2 million years, has proven disastrous.

Gratefully, science is now rectifying this situation by providing wonderful support for the recommendation to welcome fat back to the table. Coconut oil for example, one of the fundamental recommendations of the Grain Brain program is made up of 91% saturated (read: healthful) fat with research indication that it’s consumption is associated with improved cardiovascular parameters and a slimmer belly!

How intriguing it is that coconut oil has been used as a health tonic dating back to the Vedic texts from more than 3000 years ago. Yes – full circle indeed.

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