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I cherish the holidays for time spent with family, but like many of you, I also know it to be the time of the year when it’s most difficult to make healthy choices. We’ve all been there – we find ourselves at the home of a relative where it’s just too difficult to politely avoid all those items we usually avoid – from excessive carb-heavy breads, sugary sweets and drinks, and grain-fed meat.

So if you’ll be cooking meals for visiting friends and family, or even those of you in a position to offer a friendly suggestion, be proactive! By planning just a little bit over these next few weeks, Given how often we eat beef in America, how beneficial grass-fed beef can be and how harmful grain-fed beef can be, it’s worth a closer look.

More than 95% of the meat consumed in America is highly inflammatory as it comes from grain-fed cattle. This is meat that is high in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fats, often laced with antibiotics, and keep in mind that the grain used to fatten these animals is typically a genetically modified product (GMO).

Why is 100% grass-fed better? Put simply: Grain-fed animals produce meat and dairy products dramatically higher in dangerous, inflammation producing omega-6 fats, while they are deficient in healthful, heart-protective, immune-enhancing, brain-friendly omega-3s. It’s these alterations in fat ratios that relate to the very health issues we fear most including coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

So when it comes to meat, it’s important not to compromise on quality. There is a huge difference between “conventionally” raised meat from feedlots and 100% grass-fed meat raised in open pastures. Unfortunately for most of us it can be difficult to find a reliable and quality source of 100% grass-fed meat.

When speaking about the nuances in choosing the highest quality meat, we receive many questions from folks who struggle to find grass-finished, antibiotic free, beef in their local supermarkets. For these people, I always recommend the company that I trust to deliver high-quality beef, ButcherBox. I’ve partnered with ButcherBox to provide exclusive offers to our community for those that are interested. They take the guesswork out of meat sourcing and better yet, deliver right to your door!

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