From Cancer to Her Healthiest Healthy – with Samantha Harris

Today we’re going to talk about the book, Your Healthiest Healthy, written by Samantha Harris. You can find more information about her down below, but let me tell you about the book and our interview.

Samantha was basically on top of the world, hosting various television programs and had everything going for her when she developed breast cancer. Initially, the book describes her diagnosis and treatment protocol, and interestingly, how the ultimate plan was put into play based upon her deep involvement in the decision-making process. Thereafter, Samantha began to question why – why was this diagnosis something that entered her life, despite not having a specific genetic predisposition for breast cancer.

She then unpacks her entire array of lifestyle choices and realizes that she has to make fairly dramatic changes in things like the food she consumes, her exposure to various toxins in her home and in the various cosmetics that she used on a daily basis, as well as her exercise activity, relationships. She deeply explores the notion of gratitude and giving back, specifically in terms of why it is a health choice.

This is an extremely empowering, user-friendly book, for all of us, regardless of our nature as it relates to our health challenges.

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