Heal your anxiety with diet – w/ Dr. Uma Naidoo

Anxiety issues are certainly pervasive, and becoming much more common in our very stressful world.

Generally, to go to therapy for dealing with anxiety seems to be pharmacotherapy, in other words, drugs.

And while drugs may take the edge off and prove to be effective, it’s good to know there are other ideas that are being considered. One important inroad into treating anxiety focuses on dietary change.

We know that the consumption of the typical standard American diet is fraught with issues including posing a threat to metabolism by virtue of our consumption of large amount of ultra process foods which actually make up between 52 to 54% of of the calories consumed every day in American adults.

This is a diet that has been associated with a dramatic increase risk for metabolic issues, cardiovascular disease, and even threatens the brain.

As we will learn today, our consumption of these highly refined foods plays a role in creating anxiety as well.

Our guest today is Dr. Uma Naidoo, and we will be discussing her new book, Calm Your Mind with Food – A Revolutionary Guide to Controlling Your Anxiety. Please enjoy the podcast.

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