How to Enter Ketosis Without Restrictive Diets

We are hearing so much these days about the benefit of a ketogenic diet. But while there may be benefits, it’s not necessarily the easiest diet for everyone to engage. Further, staying in ketosis for an extended period of time may actually be associated with some fairly significant threats to our health.

Today I’m speaking with Dr. Steven Gundry about his new book, Unlocking the Keto Code. I have to admit that at first, I thought this was going to be another way of engaging the ketogenic diet. But I soon learned that what this book is actually focused on is first, unraveling why a ketogenic diet is beneficial, and secondly, after the reader understands the importance of the mechanisms underlying the ketogenic diet, it provides them the tools for bringing these mechanisms online without specifically going into ketosis.

That certainly sounds like a home run. The book focuses on the notion of “uncoupling mitochondria.” This basically means that fuel is wasted as opposed to being utilized. It’s a way of actually reducing the efficiency of mitochondrial function to bring about positive health benefits. I know this sounds challenging, and I agree that it is. Nonetheless, Dr. Gundry has done an exceptional job in terms of making this information clear and understandable.

This is a wonderful new book and I believe it’s certainly going to dramatically change the playing field moving forward as it brings to our attention not just the benefits of the ketogenic diet, but the value of things like cold exposure, heat exposure, consuming polyphenols, and a variety of other health supportive modalities


  • 0:00: Intro
  • 4:00: Unlocking the Keto Code
  • 14:40: Achieving Keto without the Keto
  • 27:07: 7 Keys to Ketones
  • 55:00: Conclusion
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