How to Lower Risk for Brain Amyloid

It is well-documented that the accumulation of the beta-amyloid protein in the brain is correlated with Alzheimer’s disease. Ongoing research seeks to understand how, and at what stage of Alzheimer’s, beta-amyloid proteins influence the disease.

What we can be certain of is that reducing levels of beta-amyloid accumulation, and preventing accumulation in the first place, is something we should be striving for in the pursuit of optimal brain health. Doing so means understanding what causes beta-amyloid accumulation in the first place.

A study in the journal Nature looked at one specific factor, insulin resistance, to understand its role, and also considered it in the context of whether or not the research subject was a carrier of the APOE4 gene.

The results are illuminating with regard to what they tell us about the significance of our lifestyle choices and the resulting risk for developing Alzheimer’s.

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