Introducing: Drop Acid

Introducing: Drop Acid
By Team Perlmutter
Category: Uric Acid

The most threatening pandemic of our modern times is not a virus. The number one cause of death on our planet are chronic, metabolic conditions and the multitude of diseases they produce. These include diabetes, overweight and obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even Alzheimer’s. These conditions are by and large not genetic. They are the consequences of our lifestyle choices – especially those related to food.

Researchers around the globe over the past decade have revealed that uric acid, previously thought of only in terms of gout, is actually playing a central role in metabolic disorders. From weight gain to elevated blood sugar, it’s uric acid that is orchestrating this metabolic mayhem. And this is a simple blood test that most Americans have likely already had. It’s part of your annual blood work!

Uric acid is derived from only three sources: Alcohol, purines (the breakdown product of the DNA and RNA in our foods) and, most importantly, fructose. We’ve known for decades that fructose is the gateway for metabolic problems, but we never understood how.Now, we’ve learned about the uric acid connection.

My new book, Drop Acid, deeply explores this exciting new science and reveals simple dietary and lifestyle changes that can dramatically lower uric acid and favorably impact metabolism. I’ll show you how you can easily measure your uric acid levels at home so you can achieve not just a “normal” uric acid level but a level that is optimal for your health.

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