This one compound will change your life – w/ Dr. Deanna Minich

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Without question, melatonin may well be the most popular nutritional supplement that people are talking about these days, and with good reason. There is an extensive body of science that looks at the use of melatonin in humans and the results of the research are certainly intriguing.

Dr. Deanna Minich has been at the forefront of melatonin research for the past several years. She brings to our attention some interesting new insights as a relates to using melatonin, including ways to optimize and personalize its use.

Today on this podcast, we will discuss how melatonin interacts with our light exposure and how we can adjust our blue light exposure, especially at night, to maximize the effectiveness of melatonin. We will learn how to enhance melatonin functionality by making sure our vitamin D levels are where they need to be. We will explore melatonin in the wider context of our overall antioxidant status and our discussion will reveal differences in melatonin availability between men and women.

When should we take melatonin, what’s your dosage be, and how do we adjust our dosage based upon the cycles of the moon? These are interesting questions, for sure. Dr. Minich does exemplary job in explaining these and other questions, and offers up some intriguing information as a relates to possible interactions between melatonin habits like caffeine consumption.

I hope you enjoy the program today. I know I found it very informative.

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