Respect Your (Genetic) Elders

Respect Your (Genetic) Elders
By Team Perlmutter
Category: Science

Respecting your elders doesn’t just apply to your parents or grandparents. Our genomes evolved over millions of years and are older than any of us, thus we better heed the story of their success. They evolved in a state of constant physical challenge, from fending off predators to hunting down prey, and they require exercise to sustain life. We should give them that…at least out of respect. It’s as easy as phasing twenty minutes of aerobic exercise into your day. For those of you who say you just can’t find the time, just try to set that alarm clock a half-hour earlier in the morning. As I like to say, take time on the front-end, to earn time on the back-end. Further, when it comes to nutrition, our ancestors subsisted on a high-fat diet for upwards of two-million years! It’s only since the advent of modern agricultural practices over the past 10,000 years that carbs have become available in abundance, and have taken on such a central role in our diet. Though we may have adapted our palates, our bodies and genomes have not yet adjusted to account for this change in diet, which is why we see such negative impacts with high-carbohydrate diets.

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