Seeking Wisdom: Henry David Thoreau

Seeking Wisdom: Henry David Thoreau
By Team Perlmutter
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Brain Wash, our new book, does a deep dive into how we can actually restructure our brains to make better long-term decisions, as opposed to catering to our immediate gratification. What we’ve identified are the tools that we can use to help us reconnect to the part of the brain that lets us make decisions that have lasting influence on our health and happiness.

While it’s all well and good to read the countless books on diet and lifestyle, many of which offer up some really good information, it’s the implementation part that so many of us struggle with. This is the central message of Brain Wash. Some really great wisdom from Henry David Thoreau on this subject below:

Discrimination is the precious capacity to see the difference between what is pleasant for the moment and what is fulfilling always. Today we are surrounded by a bewildering array of glittering lifestyles and models of behavior, most of which deliver just the opposite of what they promise. We need to make wise choices every moment just to keep from being swept away. For a long time, these choices are not easy. Often, they go against the grain of our conditioning. It takes real courage and endurance to go on making such choices day in and day out. But once you begin to taste the freedom it brings you will find a fierce joy in choosing something of lasting benefit.

– Henry David Thoreau

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