The Correlation Between Happiness & Brain Health

Who doesn’t want to be happier? My good friend Dr. Daniel Amen, in his new book, You Happier, addresses that challenge and gives us meaningful actions to take, right now.

Interestingly, Dr. Amen takes a personalized medicine approach to regaining happiness or at least improving happiness as it were, by demonstrating that what can enhance our happiness is, to some degree, patient specific.

Sure, there are the general recommendations with respect to our day-to-day lifestyle choices including nutrition, but Dr. Amen draws upon his vast experience over decades of interactions with patients as well as his evaluation of more than 200,000 brain scans to develop recommendations for individuals that can be even more helpful with respect to achieving a higher degree of satisfaction with life and overall happiness.

Again, the new book is, You Happier, and I think you’re very much going to enjoy this interview.

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