The Truth About Mold in the Home – with Michael Rubino

As many of you may know, we live in Southwest Florida. And yes, we did experience the devastating effects of the recent hurricane. One of the things that has become an important focus of attention for many people living in this area has been remediating their homes as it relates to the possibility or even the presence of mold.

That said, I recently purchased a book,The Mold Medic, by Michael Rubino, to learn more about the whole notion of mold remediation, testing, and many more issues related to this challenging situation.

Let me tell you a little bit more about Michael Rubino. He is an air quality expert and wellness advocate. He is the founder and CEO of HomeCleanse which address is the worldwide health epidemic caused by poor indoor air quality. He has been in collaboration with over 100 doctors globally and his mission focuses on raising awareness and providing solutions to indoor air pollution, most specifically dealing with mold.

His book, The Mold Medic: An Experts Guide on Mold Removal, is fascinating. You can also learn more about his work on his YouTube series, Mold Talks.

This is a fascinating interview today where we talk about the various types of molds that can colonize our homes, how remediation should take place, how we test our homes in terms of making sure they are mold free, how insurance factors in when we’ve had water exposure, Michael’s new nonprofit organization to allow mold remediation for underprivileged individuals, and, how we ultimately select a mold company if we indeed need remediation.

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