UNfollow your Passion to Find Fulfillment – with Terri Trespicio

We are so often told that one of our fundamental goals in life is to find our “passion” and follow it. If we can identify this goal, we are led to believe, then everything will magically fall into place.

According to Terri Trespicio, our guest on the podcast today, if we are busy looking for our passion we might well miss out on opportunities that may come our way. These opportunities may be related to our work or even our relationships. Terri makes it clear that it’s “OK not to know” as it relates to finding our passion, and that surpasses, if we are available for them, can be very fulfilling.

Many people seem to spend a great deal of time trying to figure out “what they are supposed to do.” But as Terri, quoting her mother counters, “You create life by living it.”

Reading Terri’s new book, UNfollow Your Passion, might well lead the reader to recognize that he or she is letting someone else set the rules for what is their life. And the book helps us understand both how this happens, and importantly, what we can do to put ourselves back in the driver’s seat.

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