Uric Acid – The Acid You May Need to Drop

There is so much new and exciting information making its way to the health and wellness arena related to the pivotal role of uric acid in terms of threatening our metabolic health. Elevated uric acid is now being looked upon as contributing to the development of a variety of metabolic issues including elevated triglycerides, insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar, overweight and obesity, and even elevated blood pressure. As such, controlling uric acid has become a powerful new tool in our toolbox.

Perhaps the most widely recognized leader in uric acid research is our guest today, Dr. Richard Johnson, whose work in this area spans two decades. Dr. Johnson serves as Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado. 

On the program we will explore the central role of uric acid in metabolic disorders, how to bring uric acid under control, how fructose enhances uric acid production, and the future of uric acid research.

As many of you know, my next book Drop Acid is focused on this topic. And because of my gratitude to Dr. Johnson not only for his research and dedication but also for his guidance, my new book is dedicated to him. He himself has a new book coming out in early February 2022 entitled Nature Wants Us to Be Fat, and I had the honor of writing the foreword for this work.

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