Women, Take Back Control of Your Hormones Through Diet

Hormone levels and activity are highly influenced by diet. This is an important concept because hormones do so many things in human physiology, not the least of which is their role in regulating metabolism. So, this connects some significant dots that relate to health. In other words, to gain control over metabolism and have an impact on things like insulin sensitivity, body weight, and overall well-being, attention has to be paid to hormone activity and functionality. And again, diet plays a central role in determining how hormones function day-to-day.

As a statement of fact, most diet plans are created by men and for men, and as such have little value for women. As an example, the popular ketogenic diet is far easier to implement and provides results much more quickly in men in comparison to women. This is not to say that the ketogenic diet is not appropriate for women, but specific modifications need to be made to allow this popular diet to be the most efficacious.

Today on The Empowering Neurologist I interview Dr. Sara Gottfried. Her new book Women, Food, and Hormones demystifies the relationship of hormones to metabolism as well as the relationship of diet to hormones. The book does indeed call out the ketogenic diet as being advantageous to women, but Dr. Gottfried has creatively modified the diet specifically for women for maximum benefit.

I am very delighted to have Dr. Gottfried back on the program. There’s highly valuable information in what we cover today that certainly will empower women with the tools they need to regain control over their blood sugar, lose weight, and attain a higher level of well-being.

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