Introducing the #BrainWash2021 Challenge!

Introducing the #BrainWash2021 Challenge!
By Team Perlmutter
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The world has certainly thrown us a curveball, but there does appear to be some light at the end of the tunnel. And as we have been told so many times, when the world gives us lemons, we should make lemonade.

This is the reason we’ve created the Brain Wash 2021 Challenge. A program like this, designed to put us back on track, is certainly timely given our current situation. So, get ready because from December 20 to January 16 we are going to cover the waterfront in terms of all the lifestyle issues that have a huge bearing on our physical, as well as emotional, well-being. While each of you has likely seen components of this challenge in some of our previous content, packaging this entire body of information in the context of our individual response to dealing with a global pandemic is what this event is all about.

Each week, for four weeks, Dr. Austin Perlmutter and I are going to ask you to join us (yup, we’ll be doing this right along with you) in making small lifestyle shifts for your health and well-being. We will be taking on challenges focused on diet, movement, expanding relationships with others, building capacity to engage empathy, and so much more. It’s going to look a bit like this:

  • Week 1: Food. We’ll focus on upping our intake of prebiotic and probiotic foods, and experimenting with 1 or 2 plant-based meals.
  • Week 2: Empathy. We’ll challenge ourselves to expand the horizons of our news consumption and better understand our own frames of reference.
  • Week 3: Connection. This week we prioritize our relationships by picking up the phone and writing cards.
  • Week 4: Movement. Let’s get outside and get moving!

While each of these may be looked upon as representing a small behavioral shift, as they all come together, expect some powerful changes as it relates to building new habits.

What is our goal? It’s to establish reconnection in a time when we are feeling more disconnected than ever—disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from our health, and certainly disconnected from others.

So, I encourage each one of you to follow me on Instagram for updates and support. And be sure to subscribe here for challenge updates and resources.

We are so looking forward to connecting with each and every one of you!

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