Uric Acid and Risk of Death

Uric acid, when elevated, amps up some worrisome mechanisms in the body like fat production, inflammation, elevation of blood pressure, and even insulin resistance. These are issues that threaten heart and vascular health and are even associated with death from any number of other causes.

Today, we explore the relationship between elevation of uric acid and risk of death from all causes, as well as specifically risk of death from a cardiovascular event. Further, we look at how elevated uric acid relates to the development of various cardiovascular issues like congestive heart failure and elevated blood pressure.

What seems clear is that keeping uric acid levels under control deserves as much of the spotlight as other important variables like body weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar management. And in my next book, Drop Acid, you will learn exactly how to make this happen. We will explore all of the dietary influences on uric acid that are important as well as how we can go about bringing uric acid under better control to manifest a healthier life.

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