What’s Making Us Fat? The Uric Acid Connection

So many people these days are having issues with weight gain and even obesity and with good reason. The diet that many people are consuming is remarkably different in comparison to what people ate even one hundred years ago. One of the biggest changes has been the amount of sugar, specifically fructose, that has entered the human diet.

Fructose consumption in humans enhances insulin resistance and the creation of body fat. Importantly, as well, fructose metabolism increases the production of uric acid, which further contributes to increasing body weight through several mechanisms. In fact, uric acid directly relates to overweight and obesity, even beyond its connection to fructose.

This video explores this relationship as well as what leads to elevation of uric acid, again in the context of overweight and obesity.

This study and so many more will be incorporated into my new book Drop Acid, where you will learn the specifics of uric acid management including how to measure it and what to do to bring it under control.

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