Fructose and Uric Acid – What Once Helped Us Survive Now Poses an Existential Threat

The interest in uric acid, well beyond its role in gout, focusing on its pivotal role in metabolic issues, is expanding rapidly, and globally. Without question, one important reason for this new understanding is the work of Dr. Richard Johnson, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Johnson has an exciting new book entitled, Nature Wants Us to be Fat. We will be discussing his new book today on the podcast. As many of you will note, this is Dr. Johnson’s second appearance on the program and we will consider this to be an important “part two,” picking up where we left off last time in his brilliant elucidation of this newly discovered, central player in metabolic diseases, uric acid.

On a personal note, over the past year I’ve gotten to know Rick very well, and I absolutely cherish our newfound friendship.

I also explore uric acid it in my new book, Drop Acid, but to be clear, the incredible body of research belongs to Dr. Johnson. And this is the reason that readers of my new book will note that it is dedicated to Dr. Johnson as my way of honoring him for his incredible body of research that clearly is helping, and will continue to help so many people moving forward.


0:00 Intro

2:36 Fructose’s Threat on the Brain & Mitochondria

13:25 Glycolysis VS ATP in the Brain

18:56 Uric Acid’s Effect on Cells

29:51 Fructose & Liver Disease

37:13 The Signals Uric Acid Sends our Bodies

50:39 How Our Food Choices Impact our Body

59:26 The Hormone that Changes Uric Acid

1:02:19 Conclusion

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