Join Me At Paleo F(X)!

Join Me At Paleo F(X)!
By Team Perlmutter
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Will you be in Austin next weekend? I hope so, and if not, now’s the time to book your ticket. Join my most cutting-edge colleagues and me for Paleo F(X), the world’s premier holistic wellness event. From health to nutrition, fitness to self-development, this weekend-long event will explore every major topic of interest in the world of paleo.

Most excitingly, I can now share that I’ve ben asked to deliver the keynote address on Friday, May 19! I’ll be kicking off the conference at 10AM CT, with a talk titled “The Paleo Brain Advantage”. In it, we’ll discuss how:

Over the last 2 million years, environmental factors including diet, activity and sleep have orchestrated the development of the human brain. These factors, both directly through their metabolic effects and indirectly through their effects on gene expression of both the human genome as well as that of our resident microbes, have gifted us with a brain that defines us as a species.

The mismatch created by our modern lifestyle playing upon our delicately honed genome manifests as disease, especially as it relates to brain health and function.

This presentation will focus on the mechanisms underlying the brain’s ability to regenerate itself, a fundamental attribute for its resiliency. We will then explore how our current lifestyle choices, in contradistinction to that of our ancestors, threatens this mechanism. Finally, we will embrace options for re-establishing brain health and functional enhancement by emulating our ancestral lifestyle.

Should be a wonderful discussion. And don’t worry if you won’t be in Austin. You’ll be able to stream many of these events online for free.

Should be a great weekend!

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